How We Work

We work with farmers and their trusted agronomy advisors, through the ag retailer, to establish an environmental sustainability baseline for each field, identify improvement opportunities and model the impact of various conservation practices, products and tools on field stewardship and profitability.

Our best in class technology - the TruterraTM Insights Engine - generates customized stewardship and profitability insights for every field. This includes creating a stewardship baseline by generating a TruterraTM Insights Score which will help farmers identify areas of improvement and analyze the impact of implementing specific practices, products or tools on profitability.


Our partnerships with ag retailers and organizations like the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Pheasants Forever support an unmatched "boots on the ground" capacity to drive change on every acre with every farmer.


We are helping farmers test on-farm innovation with partners like the Soil and Water Conservation Society.


We are creating market conditions to drive demand for this change by connecting the dots between what is happening on the farm to consumers through partnerships with Campbell Soup Company, Tate & Lyle, Nestlé Purina and others.

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Using the TruterraTM Insights Engine allows our food, feed, fiber and fuel company partners track progress against science-based sustainability targets for their supply chains.

How Do We Make
Sustainability Sustainable?

Our unparalleled stewardship and agronomic insights fuel sustainability of the food and ag value chain. Instead of focusing on one activity, we develop holistic insights for each agricultural field and support farmers’ business decisions, putting them in the driver’s seat of advancing stewardship economically and sustainably.
  • Over 4.5 million datapoints support the progress already seen in the fields
  • We create a meaningful connection between agronomic data and environmental stewardship and establish a baseline (TruterraTM Insights Score) for each field
  • Farmers can uncover improvement opportunities for soil health and erosion risk, nutrient management, water quality, and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Farmers own their data at all times
  • Value chain partners can leverage aggregated insights to support their sustainability goals

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  • 10.23.2020

Being exact and thoughtful to advance on-farm stewardship and profitability

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